Budgeting for Call Tracking

Boosting Efficiency and Sales Across the Organization

Spend on tools designed to increase return on investment (ROI).

Every year, marketers are faced with the annual task of tracking effectiveness and justifying budgets. The key is to invest in  tools that help control costs and boost revenue—not just within the purview of marketing, but across the entire organization.

Call tracking, with its ability to improve customer experience, empower sales agents, increase productivity, and better manage resources, is a perfect example of an expense with massive cross-organizational payoff.

In this guide, you'll learn

How call tracking pays off across the company

To fully understand the value of call tracking, it’s important to look at needs throughout multiple departments, and then identify the ways call tracking can help address those areas. From operations to compliance and sales, call tracking fills gaps and streamlines processes across the company.

How to increase revenue and reduce costs

Accurate, easy reporting of expenditures and returns on investment allows businesses to allocate their budgets and track marketing efforts. With its ability to determine the ROI of campaigns, track numbers, advertise channels, and more, call tracking helps marketers strategically spend in the areas that best reward their efforts.

How CallTrackingMetrics can close the gap

Call tracking has the ability to create efficiencies, improve communication, and streamline processes across an entire company. But not all call tracking tools are created equal. CallTrackingMetrics offers easy functionality and extra features that increase cost savings and revenue.