Smart Call Routing With Advanced Management Tools

Route calls intelligently with advanced call management and automation tools

Powerful Call Routing and Intelligent Contact Center Automation

Completely personalize the customer experience with advanced call management and robust call routing tools.

  • Complete UCaas Solution
    Unify communications across calls, live chat, texts, and online form fills. Use insights to power proactive customer support.
  • Smart Routing and Automation
    Send calls to agents on landlines, mobile phones, and SIP endpoints based on custom rules that you define.
  • Call Recording and Transcriptions
    Easily capture, and act-on, critical conversation intelligence with call recordings and transcriptions.  
  • Call Tracking and Attribution
    Optimize marketing campaign performance within your single contact center platform. Attribute phone calls back to source, campaign, and keyword.
  • Premium Integrations
    Integrate with popular CRMs like Salesforce and analytics tools to easily sync data across multiple platforms.

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“Scalable tools help my agency manage clients around the globe.”

Steve Bell

Develops PPC strategies for clients across US and Asia

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“We’ve been able to attribute a conversion rate close to 85% in terms of booking appointments — far above the industry average of 50% and below”

Jon Ostenson

CEO and Co-Founder


“CTM is our go-to solution to tie a true ROI to our campaigns.”

Tony Chopp

Master of search marketing and lead generation

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“We’ve seen a 70% growth in leads and calls since starting with CallTrackingMetrics.”

Jessica Eddowes

VP Digital & Ecommerce

Lice Clinics of America

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