Call Tracking for the Addiction Rehab Industry

Building quick, effective connections between clinics and callers

Building a layered communications strategy for ease of use.

The importance of phone calls in the addiction rehabilitation industry can’t be overstated. First and foremost, quick, effective connections between clinics and callers must be established in a way that expedites admissions, while protecting the privacy of those seeking treatment. Secondly, but of growing importance, calls should provide data that helps facilities optimize the performance of marketing, advertising, and customer support.

In this guide, we’ll outline the trends surrounding these challenges, before presenting tools that address them. In particular, we’ll discuss call tracking, and illustrate the ways it can help rehab facilities track advertising, manage costs, and connect better with patients. 

In this guide, you'll learn

The changing landscape of addiction rehab

Formerly a not-for-profit industry, addiction rehab has been caught up in the tide of rising costs and rising demand that pervades the rest of the healthcare marketplace. The influx of new money into the industry, as well as the increasing demand for services, is placing a strain on the system - and driving up costs.

How to stay competitive in this rapidly expanding field

The addiction rehab industry now faces competition from larger providers with larger budgets for marketing, call centers, and admissions. Smaller providers must find ways to leverage their limited resources to employ best-in-class tools and techniques, that deliver a value greater than their expense.

How CallTrackingMetrics can close the gap

Providers need the right tools to connect immediately with prospective patients, determine which outreach channels are most effective, and monitor the ROI of marketing spends. Call tracking allows rehab providers to meet these challenges head on, while also empowering them with the technological capabilities of much larger organizations.