Completing the Customer Journey

A Quick Guide to Call Tracking for Agencies

Connecting the dots between online and offline activities.

Data surrounding both the online and offline journey is valuable to understanding what makes conversions happen and helps agencies hone their efforts to generate more of the qualified leads that drive revenue—attaching a measurable and positive value to the agency’s services.

Roughly 67 percent of the average customer journey takes place online, a fact that leads many marketing and ad agencies to concentrate their efforts on digital marketing. But, what about the other 33 percent of the customer journey?

In this guide, we’ll examine some of the challenges facing agencies today, where the blind spots in the customer journey lie, and how to fix the problem.

In this guide, you'll learn

Where the blind spots are in the customer journey

In the early stages of the customer journey, tracking site visitors, click-throughs, social media followers, and other online metrics
can offer a rich picture of engagement. But as customers near the “deliberation” and “purchase” legs of their journeys, it becomes more likely that they reach out to the company via email, text, field submissions, and phone calls—the latter of which frequently go untracked.

Challenges facing agencies today, and how to resolve them

Today, website design, video production, and online ad management can be done by nearly anyone, anywhere—often with the phone in
their pocket. In the age of the tech-savvy self-sufficient business, agencies must keep producing great results and demonstrate added value for their clients. Missing pieces of your customer journey data makes it harder to generate conversions—as well as prove that your
efforts are to thank for those results.

The ways in which CallTrackingMetrics can help

CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) provides call tracking with flexibility and functionality geared to help you generate and improve results for your clients—as well as reporting to prove the value of your services. Sales, customer service, marketing, operations, staffing... CTM’s call management system handles it all, with features that save time, drive revenue, and create efficiencies throughout your business.