Improving Social Campaign ROI

Guide to Social Media Marketing with Call Tracking

Tracking the journey from online to offline.

Over the past decade, social media has grown from a pastime for the younger demographics to an integral part of our culture—as well as a powerful way of connecting to, and sharing with, our extended networks. In an effort to reap the benefits of this new medium, advertisers and marketers have reshaped their efforts towards the social sphere, often with great success.

Combining these social marketing efforts with call tracking can take your company’s social efforts to the next level by providing a more complete picture of marketing effectiveness and offering tools for increased lead generation, conversion rates, and more.

In this guide, you'll learn

The challenge and benefits of social media marketing

Even though ROI is hard to track, almost 90 percent of small businesses agree that social media does help their business, and 85 percent of business decision-makers claim that one or more social media sites are crucial to informing their technology purchases. 

Social media marketing for B2B and B2C

The reality is that social media marketing can have a visible impact on customer engagement, inbound traffic, and more— particularly when campaigns are data driven and well executed. This is especially true when marketing both to B2B and B2C audiences.

How CallTrackingMetrics can close the gap

In the data-rich world of online and social media marketing, the offline journey is often ignored, with the trail of information cut short before the conversion occurs. Call tracking is a powerful tool that helps marketers track a customer’s sales journey, from online to offline to sale.