A Marketer's Guide: Build Amazing Dashboards with Google Data Studio

calltrackingmetrics google data studio guide


Visualize your conversion data using Google Data Studio

For the most flexibility, ease of customization, and real-time updates, many agencies and marketers are choosing visualization tools like Google Data Studio for campaign reporting.

Start building beautiful, simple-to-translate reporting that combines data across platforms. This guide will walk you through how to incorporate Google Data Studio as a key part of your marketing toolkit to uncover key learnings and actionable takeaways from your data.

Just fill out the form on this page to get instant access to our guide. Learn practical tips and strategies like:
  • Data Studio basics and connecting data sources
  • Formatting, filters, fine-tuning, and advanced techniques
  • Tips for integrating Google Data Studio with CallTrackingMetrics

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What is the Story you Want to Tell?

Answer this question then get started with the two basic elements of Google Data Studio: data sources and reports.

Create Report Templates and Frameworks

Learn how to format and fine-tune your reports to make them visual masterpieces.

Google Data Studio Integration

Consolidate and visualize your valuable conversation data from CTM along with data from other platforms for a holistic view of performance.

Industry Awards and Accolades

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