The Ultimate Guide to Driving Success in Your Contact Center

Tools to improve agent performance and productivity
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Increase customer satisfaction through empowering your agents.

The benefits of boosting your contact center’s performance extend beyond customer satisfaction, though. The contact center that is efficient and empowers their agents to succeed stands to reduce overall operating costs, increase sales, and also improve their company culture and employee retention.

To achieve both—efficiency and a standout customer experience—contact centers should equip their agents with tools that empower them to anticipate client needs and reduce the amount of time to service their request. Tools like: call transcriptions, intelligent automated routing, and session data that pulls in information from other essential platforms your business uses like Salesforce or Google Ads to give your agents important context when interacting with customers. Manager tools like live coaching and whispers, the ability to join or take over an active call, and real-time agent performance reporting, are also key to enhance performance.

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