It's Time to Rethink Marketing's Reliance on Email

The ultimate showdown of email vs. phone numbers.


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We understand the irony here. We're asking for your email address to tell you why it's time to move past email addresses in marketing.

You don't need to break up with email forever, but we do think it's time to start seeing other channels. We'd like to introduce you to our friend, the phone number. 

Learn how phone numbers and marketers make the perfect match:
  • Beyond phone calls, numbers offer flexibility with features like SMS and text to chat.
  • Your sales team is already using phone numbers to close, why not to nurture too?
  • Online tracking is only getting harder. Offline tracking fills in those gaps.

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Create a Modern Marketing Mix

Email open rates average around 40%. The other 60% might benefit from a new approach.

Numbers Play Nice with CRMs

Sales teams want a phone number, and so does your CRM. Enhance your contact records with a number and all the context that comes with it.

Online Tracking is Getting Harder

Phone numbers, and call tracking, unlock new data to fill in the gaps left by blocked cookies.

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