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Track and attribute every call, form, text, and chat - online and offline - for full visibility into which campaigns drive your most valuable leads and sales.


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agency_v2CallTrackingMetrics was built for marketers like you. Our analytics and omnichannel communications tools help you drive stronger connections for your business and your customers.

When you partner with CTM, you'll be able to eliminate data gaps with closed-loop attribution and automate campaign optimizations so you can invest in what's working and stretch your marketing budget. Benefit from rich first-party data, no-code tech stack integrations, and more.

You'll also gain efficiency in your lead management process through workflow automation and conversation insights so you can personalize the customer experience and reduce friction.

No matter your industry or business needs, CTM can work for you.

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Agency Solution

Maximize ad campaigns and drive better results for your clients. Benefit from agency-driven features like unlimited sub-accounts and users, flexible billing, white labeling, and our partner ecosystem.

Conversation Analytics

Powered by AI. Unlock the stories hidden in your customer communications and measure sentiment with recordings, transcriptions, and scoring. Use Keyword Spotting to automate your insights discovery.

Actionable Reporting

Access an array of reports to help you optimize your marketing efforts and team performance in real time. Discover opportunities and measure ROI with granular data and high-impact insights.

Lead Management

Turn intelligence into action with custom routing, automation, and omnichannel communications tools. Align your teams, personalize customer experiences, and reduce time to conversion.

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John Thornton, Black Propeller

“Adding CallTrackingMetrics to our toolkit has not only transformed our business, but we’ve also enjoyed an overall increase in ROI. In fact, since we began utilizing CallTrackingMetrics in 2014, our customer retention has risen by 70 percent.”

Vanessa Rodriguez, Crystal Cruises

“The professional services team was exceptional in activating our partnership very quickly. The process of setting up dynamic numbers insertion and transferring our phone numbers was seamless. We didn’t lose a single call throughout the process, and I always felt I had the support I needed if I had any questions.”

Jason Collar, Viking Pest Control

“The professional services team took care of confirming my set-up was accurate and helped build my account. I would absolutely recommend professional services to a colleague. For anyone with hesitations about working with professional services, set them aside. It’s absolutely worth the investment.”

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CallTrackingMetrics is a complement to your everyday tools and digital strategies. We never put marketers in a box. Instead, we give you the flexibility to optimize and automate through a full suite of integrations with platforms like Google Ads, GA4, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.


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Closed-loop attribution for an agency. A win in user experience for the home services industry. Finding business success with CTM’s text messaging features. Discover all the ways CallTrackingMetrics can solve your marketing challenges.

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