We're Ready To Get You Ready For GA4

We've compiled some of our best resources to prepare you for the change to GA4 and understand how the CTM integration can help.

Easily send call tracking events to GA4

Live since early 2022, our integration was one of the first to market and remains the most robust. Define the events you send, select your parameters, and see your call data with session details in GA4.


Prepare for the difference between Universal Analytics and GA4

You might be surprised by just how different the new Google Analytics 4 is from the Google Analytics we've been used to for the last 10+ years. Get a look at the differences and prepare for your transition.


Your guide to setting up events in GA4

GA4 is set up specifically to make events more useful than ever before. They’re the backbone of the new platform. With their new found importance, and flexibility, it’s crucial to learn how to set up events in GA4 in a strategic way.


Get a handle on GA4 ecommerce tracking

Learn how to set up and analyze eCommerce tracking in GA4 to access the data necessary to connect your marketing efforts to revenue driving engagements. 


Google Analytics 4 call tracking strategy

Setting up call tracking in GA4 lets you build a measurement strategy around full sales funnel visibility–from session to lead and sale–to prove your efforts are working using actionable metrics. We worked with our partner AgencyAnalytics on an article to discuss everything GA4 and call tracking.


[DOWNLOAD] The Complete Guide to GA4 for Marketing Reporting

The Ins and Outs of Setting Your Team up for Success in Google Analytics 4

In 2022, CallTrackingMetrics hosted our Google Summer Camp—including an Intro to GA4 webinar. In 2023, Universal Analytics is shutting down for good so we're taking a deep dive into everything GA4. 

Download our guide to learn:

  • The actual differences between Universal Analytics and GA4
  • How to set up events and conversions in GA4
  • How to approach your measurement strategy to take advantage of GA4's flexibility


[WATCH] Tracking Calls in GA4

Need a little more direction?

Download our Google Tools Checklist to help guide your approach to GA4, Ads, and more.