The Complete Guide to GA4 for Marketing Reporting

The Ins and Outs of Setting Your Team up for Success in Google Analytics 4



Put Universal Analytics behind you and jump into Google Analytics 4

2023 marks a big year for Google Analytics. Gone are all of the settings and reports we're used to from Universal Analytics, and GA4 is the way forward.

This is far from a re-brand from Google Analytics. GA4 really is a new beast and will take some getting used to for even the most seasoned marketers and analysts.

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What's new in GA4?

The changes range from cosmetic updates, to foundational definitions of long-used metrics. There are also more lofty, high-level and future-facing adjustments.

Event tracking

The foundation of the new Google Analytics is events. It’s crucial to get comfortable with how they’re set up and reported on in the GA4 interface.

[Checklist] Are you ready?

View our easy-to-digest checklist of steps to take in to start using Google Analytics 4 effectively before the end of Universal Analytics in 2023.

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