The Modern Keyword Research Playbook

What Most Marketers are Missing with their SEO Strategy

Traditional keyword research is a great foundation. But don't miss out on advanced techniques.

Keywords have had a place in the marketer’s toolbox since digital marketing first began. What was once a way for old-school SEOs to stuff popular words onto a page to trick Google into ranking them higher, is now a refined instrument to inform various marketing communications. 

Properly positioned keywords, keyword variations, and related messaging within high-quality content will help you get noticed by Google–and when executed with a solid SEO strategy–ranked well by Google. There is an art and science behind how you use keywords.

Balancing the art and the science, and never leaning too far in one direction is how to drive value from keyword research. We've built this playbook to help you do just that, and layer on the techniques your competition might not even know about. 

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  • Keyword research basics and building your initial SEO strategy
  • Pro tips and examples from our internal strategists
  • New ways to balance the human element of SEO with the technical

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Why is keyword research important

We wouldn't have written this playbook if it wasn't! Learn the benefits of a well defined keyword strategy, including increased traffic, conversions, and revenue.

How do I choose the right keywords?

To drive more traffic, you must choose the highest searched keywords. Not so fast! Learn how to spot the right keyword for your specific goals.


Are there tools that can help?

We outline various tools that will give a unique point of view to your keyword research. Some free, some paid, all invaluable to building a comprehensive SEO strategy.