The Lead Resellers Technology Wish List

A Guide to Smart Routing, Automation and More

Performance marketing lead management tools

As a lead reseller, your profitability depends on generating solid leads, making informed decisions about those leads, and distributing them efficiently. Doing all of this in a cost effective manner requires tools—a lead distribution solution or similar platform with advanced features to help you drive efficiency and hone your lead generation efforts.

Is your technology doing everything it should? To help guide you in selecting the best platform, we’ve put together our own version of the lead reseller’s wish list—and the ways that CallTrackingmetrics (CTM) addresses these needs.

In this guide, you'll learn

How to automate lead distribution

A lead is worthless without an automated way of sending it to the appropriate buyer. Your routing functionality should be able to determine the best buyer match by tracking variables that you can customize—including caps, cost, location, buyer schedules, and more.

How to set custom pricing

Creating routing and scheduling efficiencies is moot if you’re not also billing your buyers in a timely, customizable, and automated manner. Your lead distribution system should let you choose to bill individual buyers by the call or by the minute, for example, as well as the amount of markup charged for each billing option.

How to make your wish list a reality

A lead distribution solution that’s smart, customizable, and centralized is a must. CTM’s softphone-based platform can expertly handle your lead distribution—while also providing you with other tools that you rely on, including marketing, sales, training, and workforce connectivity.