A Marketer’s Guide to Call Intelligence

What it is, and why you should care

The Tools to Turn Calls into Conversions.

Leads generated by phone calls also tend to be more valuable. 65 percent of businesses rank incoming calls as the source of their most qualified leads, with phone contact bringing in between five and ten times the revenue of online contact forms.

But, while measuring online conversions has become standard practice for most businesses, many companies have a conversion blind spot surrounding their inbound phone calls. The solution to this blind spot lies in the application of call intelligence.

In this guide, you'll learn

Call intelligence, and why you need It

Call intelligence is the tracking, reporting, and application of metrics associated with your customer interactions over the phone—as well as the marketing efforts that led to those phone calls. 

How to turn calls into conversions

Having instant information about the caller helps sales agents better understand customer needs, and understanding ROI is critical to spending effectively across multiple channels. 

How CallTrackingMetrics can help

If your marketing and analytics efforts aren’t taking phone calls into consideration, you’re missing the chance to upgrade the most potent sales and advertising arm of your business.