Optimization Through Integration

A Guide to CallTrackingMetrics, Salesforce & Customer Experience

Salesforce and CallTrackingMetrics work together for better customer support.

Whether in person, online, or over the phone, consumer experience can make or break a business. This old adage of “customer comes first” is underscored by research: nearly 90 percent of consumers prefer quality of service over access to the latest, most innovative products.

Despite the growing demands, however, four out of ten contact centers still have no analytic tools to help them track or access customer data. This makes it difficult to connect the crucial dots between marketing, sales, service, retention, and agent performance.

In the following guide, we’ll talk about the need for contact-center optimization—meaning the use of data, integrations with call tracking technology, and other telephonic and analytics tools— to ensure positive experiences.

In this guide you'll learn:

How Salesforce can unify your organization

You already know that Salesforce helps you manage your day-to-day sales and customer service processes, and it does it well. But pairing the functionality that you’re accustomed to with the feature-rich CallTrackingMetrics platform can take all of those processes to the next level—helping you get more out of Salesforce and out of your contact center

The story of another organization who made the switch

With so many moving parts it can be challenging to visualize just how transforming CTM’s Salesforce integration can be for a company, so we thought we’d give you a real-world example. Read on to learn about how CTM’s Salesforce integration helped one healthcare business track and monitor new contacts—online and off.

The ways in which CallTrackingMetrics can help

In a marketplace increasingly defined by personalized and customized experiences, knowing your customers is crucial. The data provided by the CTM platform gives you a leg-up, offering details about their demographics, location, online journey, prior purchases, and more.