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Making the Switch to a Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution

Data Rich Call Management and Intelligent Automation.

Over the last decade, interactions between consumers and retailers have changed drastically. Digital channels provide contact on a potentially massive scale, as well as a means to disseminate marketing messages, collect data, and more. Businesses hoping to thrive in this new world need to embrace technology that helps them flexibly and intelligently connect with customers. And this includes embracing new technology for their contact centers.

In the following guide, we’ll provide an overview of the benefits and features of cloud-based contact center solutions, and some examples of how CallTrackingMetrics’ platform can help businesses gain the edge in the digital age.

In this guide, you'll learn

The benefits of moving your contact center to the cloud

Imagine never buying another phone system. Imagine everything your agents needed was right there on their desktop PC, or on their smartphone. And imagine that phone or PC did more than your old clunky telephone hardware ever did. A lot more.

The stories of other organizations who made the switch

Long Fence & Home entered the CTM platform seeking powerful marketing attribution features, and the ability to port over existing phone numbers. Today, Long Fence & Home is not only tracking phone calls, but also using CTM’s call management tools to train their agents and improve overall customer experiences.

The ways in which CallTrackingMetrics can help

In a marketplace increasingly defined by personalized and customized experiences, knowing your customers is crucial. The data provided by the CTM platform gives you a leg-up, offering details about their demographics, location, online journey, prior purchases, and more.