The Secret to Scoring for Sales and Marketing Success

How and Why Lead and Conversion Scoring Can Make an Impact Across Your Organization

Transform your marketing and cross-team efforts by keeping score.

While most marketing teams are focused on driving more leads, and more conversions, stand out by optimizing for quality over volume.

Not just increasing the quality of campaigns, but the quality of leads, the quality of Sales & Marketing collaboration, and the quality of customer experience. How do you start optimizing for quality, rather than traditional metrics? Scoring.

From traditional lead scoring to call scores and contextual tagging, discover how to build your first scoring system and move away from vanity metrics to truly optimizing each step of your customer journey for the desired outcome: more, happier, customers.

Just fill out the form on this page to get instant access to our downloadable guide. Learn practical tips and strategies like:

  • Breaking down, and demystifying, what scoring is.
  • Developing a framework for your assigning quantitative values to qualitative attributes.
  • Impacting multiple departments and teams through a variety of situational scoring techniques.

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Explore how lead and conversion scoring can impact any function and role, from Marketing to Customer Success.


Checklist for your first score

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