Unifying the Ecommerce Experience

The Online Retailer’s Guide to Call Tracking & Management

Unifying online conversions with offline activities

With ecommerce trending towards a half trillion-dollar industry in the next few years, opportunities abound for online retailers. But the competition is stiff, so ecommerce businesses must make the best possible use of every tool available to them. This includes digital marketing and sales technology, as well as call intelligence tools that can unify online, mobile, and call strategies like never before.

In this guide, we’ll explore ways to unify your digital and offline marketing efforts, improve sales performance, and more—with the unifying approach of call tracking and management.

In this guide, you'll learn

How to evolve with the changing world of online retail

The emergence of mobile devices over the past decade has made the notion of a purely online, somewhat sedentary, and single-channel of shopping obsolete. In fact, mobile became the preferred way of accessing the web years ago, and became the top source of ecommerce traffic in 2017.

Best practices to help you succeed in ecommerce

The more you know, the more accurately you can target your marketing efforts. Data-rich sales and service tools can also help agents understand prospects’ and customers’ needs. By following your customer's entire journey, you can determine which online and offline campaigns led to sales. 

How CallTrackingMetrics can help

In a marketplace increasingly defined by personalized and customized experiences, knowing your customers is crucial. The data provided by the CTM platform gives you a leg-up, offering details about their demographics, location, online journey, prior purchases, and more.